2003 07 25 Mo Note
Martian Images taken 25 July 2003 at 15:50~16:10 GMT by Yukio MORITA

  λ=228゚Ls,   (ω=145~150°W,   φ=21°S),   δ=21.1",   ι=27°
  Seeing: 3 /10.

 The right-hand side shadowy area of the spc is to be thaw rapidly (so that the centre of the spc will deviate from the south pole). Olympus Mons's summit is not exactly the light roundish area but the preceding dark spot. M Sirenum seems to have recovered its original form.

Use is made of an f /7.7 Newtonian extended to f /50 having a 25 cm speculum equipped with an ST-5C (at -5゚C).

Image data are
      8/50 IR images each exposed with 0.1 secs
      9/50 R + IR Rejection images each with 0.2 secs
      2/50 G + IR Rejection images each with 0.2secs
    10/50 B + IR Rejection images each with 0.4 secs
where the Planet Master was used to select the images.

Filters: Koh-Ei-Sha's interference RGB filter of Type 3.

The Morita Observatory is located (132.3°E, 34.3°N) at Hatsuka-ichi, Hiroshima, Japan.

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