DPc28July03 Note
28 July 2003 (230゚Ls)

MARS IMAGES, July 28th, 2003.

D. A. Peach. Herts, UK.
8" (20cm) f /6 Newtonian @ f /31.5.
Philips PCVC 740k ToUcam Pro.

Total LRGB Exposure Times:
~450 x 0.04 secs.

Seeing initally fair (Pickering 4-5), rapidly deteriorated to v. poor (Pickering 1-3.) with "fast" seeing.
Transparency excellent (5.5mag) Wind SW (5mph.) No dew.

Equatorial Diam=21.6"
Altitude= 25° .

Here are some Mars images from this morning, with Syrtis Major on the CM. Note Alcyonius Nodus coming into view. Novus Mons bright, along with Rima Australis. Visually Rima A. is easily seen at 540x with the W#25 filter.

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