2003 0730 JBs Note
Martian Drawing on 30 July 2003
at 07:20~07:40 GMT by Jeffrey D BEISH.

  λ=231゚Ls,   (ω=335°~340°W,   φ=20°S),   δ=22.0",   ι=24°

SPC clear. Novissima Thyle separated by Rima Austrialis and well-defined, broad rift merges with Rima Brevis. Novus Mons bright. Argenteus Mons bright at northwest edge of SPC and Rima Angusta bordering Argenteus Mons. NPR hood seen as thin bright line on north limb. EH in Hellas, with at least one "canal" and sligh hint of Zea Lacus. EC in Crocea. MH. Syrtis Major dull and ill-defined. BC = 0.

MARS VISUAL: 07:50~ 08:00 GMT   ω=342°~345°W
Second observation session: watched for flares in and around Edom. Observed a light brightening in Edom several times during period. Also, slight bright area came and went in eastern part of Deucalionis Regio. The brightness in Edom was intermittent and not very bright; however, conspicuous. From 0758 until 0805 UT Edom and Deucalionis returned to "normal" appearance.

  Seeing = 6-8. Transparency = 5, Altitude 49°.

41cm f /6.9 Newtonian, 520 x
Wratten Filters: W23A, W25, W33, W57, W64, W38A, W47.

The Beish Observatory is located (81°19'34.7"W, 27°21'07.1"N) at Lake Placid, FL, USA.

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