2003 0731 DPk Note
Don PARKER's Images on 31 July 2003
at 08:23~ 09:42 GMT

  λ=232°Ls,   (ω=344°~ 359°W,   φ=20°S),   δ=22.2",   ι (phase angle)=24°

Seeing fair (5-7 Pickering). Transparency 4-4.5 m.
No wind. Light dew. Altitude =49-43°.

Dust clouds in Chryse remain, clouds now in Eos and Margaritifer Sinus. Possible dust in Aram. Dust bright in green as well as red light. Dust clouds formed since 30 July also bright in blue.
Novus Mons separating from SPC. Argenteus Mons remains brilliant. Violet Clearing = 1+

PARKER uses a 41 cm Newtonian working at f/55 with an eyepiece projection together with an SBIG ST9XE ccd camera, equipped with a CFW-8C filter wheel and RGB interference filters

Integration times:
  Red      (610 -1100nm) : 0.13s   1 image   (RG610, NO IR ejection)
  Green   (488 - 574nm) :  0.29s   8-10 images
  Blue      (392 - 508nm) : 1.00s   7-9 images
Images bias, flat and dark corrected.

Observer: Donald C PARKER, Coral Gables,  FL.  USA

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