2003 0821 JBs Note
Martian Drawing on 21 August 2003
at 04:10~04:30 GMT by Jeffrey D BEISH.

  λ=245゚Ls,   (ω=092°~ 097°W,   φ=19°S),   δ=24.9",   ι=8°

SPC clear. Several rifts in SPC, shrinking fast. NPR hood seen. MH from 60°S to 60°N. EH with EC on S. Evening limb. BC =2.
Note: strong blue clearing. Mars very clear of clouds. Fine surface details impossible to transcribe from eye to brain to hand -- could not draw so many details on Mars. .

  Seeing =6-8. Transparency = 5, Altitude 41°.

41cm f /6.9 Newtonian, 390-590x
Wratten Filters: W23A, W25, W33, W57, W64, W38A, W47.

The Beish Observatory is located (81°19'34.7"W, 27°21'07.1"N) at Lake Placid, FL, USA.

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