2003 0906 RBg Note
Martian Drawing on 6 September 2003
at 03:45 GMT by Robert BUNGE.

  λ=255゚Ls,   (ω=304°W,   φ=19°S),   δ=24.8",   ι=8°

  Seeing 5 out of 10. Following a friends and family Mars Watch party. Calm, cool, recent cold front. No bugs, really a great night, other then the seeing wasn't as good as wished.
  No weather seen... no NPH, or limb clouds. Just lots and lots of surface detail. Perhaps more detail in Syrtis Major then I've ever drawn before. Interesting breaks on both P and F sides of SM. Hellas basin is clearly "divided" into a northern brighter section and the southern darker section that showed detail within the basin.

43cm f /7.8 reflector, 480x

Bowie, MD USA.

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