2003 0908 JBs Note
Martian Drawing on 8 September 2003
at 02:30~03:00 GMT by Jeffrey D BEISH.

  λ=257゚Ls,   (ω=268°~ 276°W,   φ=19°S),   δ=24.5",   ι=10°

SPC clear. "Mountains of Mitchel" small but well defined. Should break up into two parts soon. NPR hood seen. No limb haze, MC. Fog or cloud (DC) just north of Sabaeus Sinus. NW Hellas has a Low cloud or dense fog, not dust. BC = 0.
Mars exceptionally clear and well defined surface features. Syrtis Major is dark and beginning to appear thin east to west.

  Seeing = 7-8, Transparency 2-4, Altitude 40°.

41cm f /6.9 Newtonian, 350-590x
Wratten Filters: W23A, W25, W33, W57, W64, W38A, W47.

The Beish Observatory is located (81°19'34.7"W, 27°21'07.1"N) at Lake Placid, FL, USA.

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