2003 0916 CPl Note
  I have reprocessed the three W47 images made at mid-september 2003 in a new way that you could find interesting. While making some tests yesterday I realized that the usual processing of my images, supposed to give fine details but only average contrast, could be ill-suited for blue images and especially the W47 shots. Here instead of using the third level of wavelet (Registax) I used the fourth one (up to 15). This gives only gross details but a higher contrast ; what could be expected with blue images of Mars (if not for RGB purposes) is not a highly detailed image but a highly contrasted one, so in such a case this could be a good way of processing. The images now seem to show much more white clouds.

  Note also that the signal to noise ratio of the W47 images is now very good, unlike the previous versions. This means that using such a filter, or any other shortwave solution, could be more easy than we thought, for Mars... On the W47 image of september 15 at 150, a wide area of dust-deconcentration seems to be found in the north-west where the image is very dark. This is supported by the RGB image taken that day at 145 (already sent), where the orange of the northern "desert" is a bit darker.

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