2003 1008 TDb Note
Martian Image on 8 October 2003
at 01:50 GMT by Thomas A DOBBINS.

  λ=276゚Ls,   (ω=347°W,   φ=21°S),   δ=19.3",   ι=30°

Possible obscuration of Yaonis Regio and Mare Amphitrites - Is dust finally beginning to stir?

Clouds and hazes are present over Syrtis on the evening limb. Visually, Hellas appeared brilliant through Wratten 12 and 15 filters.

Features in Yaonis Regio and Mare Amphitrites from southern Hellas/Zea Lacus to the periphery of the polar cap appear to be obscured. The Hellespontus/Charis is unusually well delineated.

36cm SCT, @ f /28, Philips ToUcam pro (IR Block), 2°wedge prism

Coshocton, OH, USA.

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