2003 1009 DPk Note
Don PARKER's Images on 9 October 2003
at 01:29~ 02:33 GMT

  λ=276°Ls,   (ω=333°~ 349°W,   φ=21°S),   δ=19.1",   ι=30°

Poor conditions:
Seeing POOR (2-4 Pickering). Transparency variable (0- 4.0m): fast cumulus clouds, high cirrus.
Gusty Wind NNE 5-13 kts. Altitude = 47-50°. No dew.

Some dust in northwest Hellas.In green and blue light brilliant cloud over Hellas.
Haze over Iapygia. Limb cloud curling around Syrtis Major from Libya to Aeria. Yaonis Fr. dark.
Some details on the floor of Hellas visible: Zea Lacus, Peneus, and Alpheus.

PARKER uses a 41 cm Newtonian working at f /55 with an eyepiece projection together with an SBIG ST9XE ccd camera, equipped with a CFW-8C filter wheel and RGB interference filters

Integration times:
  Red      (610 -1100nm) :   0.13-0.15s   2-3 images   (RG610, NO IR ejection)
  Green   (488 - 574nm) :    0.45s   4-5 images
  Blue      (392 - 508nm) :   1.55-1.75s   6 images
Images bias, flat and dark corrected.

Observer: Donald C PARKER, Coral Gables,  FL.  USA

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