2003 10 30 CHr Note
Carlos E HERNANDEZ's Observation of Mars
on 30 October 2003 at 01:30 GMT

  λ=289°Ls,  ( ω=136°W,   φ=23°S ),   δ=15.3",   ι=37°

9-inch (23-cm) F/13.5 Maksutov-Cassegrain
Magnification: 247x, 294x, and 343x
Filter: Wratten 30 (Magenta)
Seeing (1-10): 5-6, Antoniadi (I-V): III
Transparency (1-6): 6

The South Polar Cap (SPC) appeared small and brilliant (10/10), but no outliers visible.
Mare Sirenum (3/10) appeared on the CM with Araxes (5/10) visible projecting from it's preceding (eastern) end.
The southern hemisphere extending between Mare Australe (3/10) and Mare Sirenum (north-south) and Solis Lacus (3/10) and Electris (5-6/10, east-west) appeared mottled.
Tharsis, Arcadia, Daedalia, Memnonia, and Amazonis appeared bright (7/10).
Mare Boreum and Scandia appeared dusky (4/10) to the north adjacent to an extremely bright (9/10) North Polar Hood (NPH). The morning limb haze (MLH) and evening limb haze (ELH) appeared extremely bright (9/10) as well.

Observer:   Carlos E HERNANDEZ,   Miami   FL

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