2003 1119 ESg Note
Martian Drawings on 19 November 2003
at 17:25~ 18:45 GMT by Elisabeth SIEGEL

  λ=301゚Ls,   (ω=183°~ 194°W,   φ=25°S),   δ=12.4",   ι=41°

Temperature: 6.5°C

LIGHT AREA 8 (seen in Wr47 only) is very interesting. No uncertainty as to it reality. It was easily and consistently seen.
SIZE: Slightly smaller than the spc but a bit too big to be called "star-like". Seemed perfectly circular in shape.
COLOUR: Whitish (similar to the spc in Wr47), whereas other light areas of similar intensity were a bright violet in this filter. Cloud over Elysium Mons?

20cm SCT, 270x

Elisabeth SIEGEL, Malling, DENMARK

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