2003 1128 ESg Note
Martian Drawings on 28 November 2003
at 16:15~ 17:25 GMT by Elisabeth SIEGEL

  λ=306゚Ls,   (ω=075°~ 082°W,   φ=26°S),   δ=11.4",   ι=42°

Temperature: 2.5°C

LIGHT AREA 6: seen in Wr47 is very similar to the bright spot seen on 19 November. The present one, however, was contained within a larger bright area and just stood out as more intense than the surroundings.
SIZE and SHAPE: seemed a tiny bit bigger than the 19 Nov spot. About the same size as the spc. Once again, a striking circular shape.
COLOUR: A bright violet in Wr47. In fact the spot was seen in at least one more filter (either Wr58, 15 or 80A), but I forgot to take notes. Cloud or haze or frost over Ascraeus Mons.

20cm SCT, 270x

Elisabeth SIEGEL, Malling, DENMARK

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