2003 1216 DPk Note
Don PARKER's Images on 15-16 December 2003
at 23:57~ 01:35 GMT

  λ=317°Ls,   (ω=019°~ 041°W,   φ=26°S),   δ=9.6",   ι=42°

Seeing highly variable, frequent fast cumulus clouds (4-8 Pickering) .
Transparency = 0-5m . High Wind NE 7-21 kts. Altitude = 64-54°. No dew.

Dust has extended eastward over Bosporos, Argyre and into Noachis and Deucalionis Regio. Aram not bright until it neared the PM limb. Chryse now appears normal. Aurorae Sinus very dark.
North Polar Hood moderately bright, bluish.

PARKER uses a 41 cm Newtonian working at f /55 with an eyepiece projection together with an SBIG ST9XE ccd camera, equipped with a CFW-8C filter wheel and RGB interference filters

Integration times:
  Red     (610 -1100nm) : 0.15-0.17s   2-3 images   (RG610, NO IR ejection)
  Green  (488 -  574nm)  : 0.58s   3-5 images
  Blue     (392 -  508nm)  : 2.50s   4-6 images
Images bias, flat and dark corrected.

Observer: Donald C PARKER, Coral Gables,  FL.  USA

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