2004 0220Ak Note
Martian Images taken on 20 February 2004
at 10:48~ 11:00 GMT by Tomio AKUTSU

  λ=353゚Ls,   (ω=252°~ 254°W,   φ=19°S),   δ=6.0",   ι=37°

  Seeing: 4/10. Transparency: 5/5

By the use of a 32 cm Newtonian @ f33 (extended by PJ-20mm eyepiece) equipped with Bitran's cooled ccd camera BJ-41L (Sony ICX 285AL).

Image data are

    52 R images each with 0.3 secs
    30 G images each with 0.3 secs
    34 B images each with 1.0 secs  (+Fuji SP-4)
    47IR(800nm) images each exposed with 2.0 secs

Filters used: IDAS interference RGB filters of Type 2.

The Akutsu Observatory is located (140.2°E, 36.6°N) at Karasuyama, Tochigi, Japan.

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