LtE in CMO #239

From  Don PARKER

@. . . . . .Here are some Mars images from 28 December. The seeing was very poor, but Mars displays lots of clouds.

 Happy New Year!


 (30 December 2000 email)


>MARS IMAGES 28 Dec., 2000


>D.C. Parker, Coral Gables, FL.  Lynxx PC camera  16-in (41cm) F/6 NEWTONIAN
>            Eyepiece Projection @ f/55.2
>            Integration Times:
>    BLUE (Koheisha, 445nm peak central; BWHM 105nm)   8.00s
>    GREEN (Koheisha, 540nm peak central; BWHM 75nm)   2.80s
>    RED (RG610 - No IR Rejection)                     0.64s
>                     Images flat and dark corrected.
>Seeing poor (2-4). Transparency 4.5m. Wind SSE 0-1 kts. Altitude = 42-47
>degrees. Heavy dew. All images are composites.
>Albedo features extremely washed out, although Solis Lacus and Nilokeras
>faintly seen visually in red light and on the red light CCD images. Most
>likely due to very poor seeing and heavy clouds over Tharsis and
>Xanthe-Candor rather than dust. Bright large morning limb cloud.


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