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From Damian PEACH

@. . . . . . Here is another Mars observation. A period of good seeing lasting about an hour gave the most detailed views of the Planet so far. This is certainly one of the best views i have had of Mars at less than 7" diameter. I also obtained images which will follow sometime soon.

Best Wishes

(13 February 2001 email)

@. . . . . . Here is another Mars observation (14 Feb 2001)

Best wishes

(14 February 2001 email)



D. A. Peach, King's Lynn, Norfolk, UK.

12" (30.5cm) Meade SCT.

Magnifications: 352X.

Filters: Unfiltered & W#21 Filter.

Seeing initially fair-good (4-7) but deteriorated later very poor (1-2.)

Transparency excellent (5.0mag)

Very light NW wind (0-5mph.) Moderate dew.

Observation Time: 05:00 - 05:20 UT

Mars CML:


Diameter: 6.88"

Comments: A period of fair-good seeing occurred during this visual observation and allowed significant detail to be seen (the best view so far this apparition.) Firstly Hellas was very distinct, and appeared large unfiltered. It was also prominent in the W#21 filter. Syrtis Major/Deltoton Sinus appeared very prominent and dark. Mare Serpentis also dark. Sinus Sabeaus/Meridiani prominent. Utopia observed, though appeared fainter than other surface markings. CCD images incicated at a distinct cloud/haze over Aeria/Moab. NPC rather indistinct  (but a white spot was still observed) as the North Pole begins to tilt away from Earth.



D. A. Peach, King's Lynn, Norfolk, UK.

12" (30.5cm) Meade SCT.

Magnifications: 406X.

Filters: W#21, W#38A, Unfiltered.

Seeing fair (4-6)

Transparency excellent (5.0mag.)

No wind. Moderate dew.

Observation Time: 05:00 - 05:30 UT

Mars CML: 278.1

Ls: 117.1

Diameter: 6.93"

Comments: Again a good amount of detail was noted - the view was slightly superior to the previous observation on the 13th.

W#21/Unfiltered Obs: All the major surface features appeared normal. Syrtis Major/Mare Serpentis/Deltoton Sinus/Utopia were all well observed. Hellas appeared prominent. NPC also seen. A bright Morning limb haze was again observed over Aeria/Moab/Arabia (unfiltered.) W#38A Filter. Hellas was very bright and large. Also a brilliant Morning Limb haze extending over Aeria/Moab/Arabia was prominent. NPC small and bright.

Damian PEACH (Norfolk UK)

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