LtE in CMO #240


@. . . . . . Thank you for CMO 239. I especially enjoyed the Mars drawings and CCD images, the analysis of the white cloud on the evening Syrtis Major also.

I have attempted to observe Mars on seven occasions, but the seeing has always been poor at best, terrible at times, with Mars rather resembling Mercury in the boiling atmosphere. Part of the problem no doubt comes from warm air rising from my neighbors chimneys. At the RAS observatory a similar problem occurs because a small shopping mall is immediately south of the observatory, and warm air rises from it. When Mars is at its best and in the evening sky, this latter problem will be even worse.

December and January were unusually cold here, although we did not receive any large accumulation of snow. The average daytime temperature was barely above freezing. My snowdrops, which usually bloom around Christmas, bloomed on January 23, and the first daffodil foliage, which usually emerges in November, emerged in February. Crocuses usually bloom in January, but this year the first one bloomed only a few days ago.

Common Snowdrop

(Ganthus nivalis L)              I will try to send you some good observations soon. @Sincerely,


(10 February 2001 email)


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