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From  Jeffrey D BEISH

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Sent: Sunday, May 26, 2002 5:33 PM

Subject: Reference to Jeff Beish

  I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the wonderful article I just read concerning my life long tomodachi Jeff Beish.  He is a former Judo student of mine and I was also the Best Man at his wedding many years ago.

 I would also extend to you my sincerest appreciation for taking such good care of Jeff and his family. I am sure they will all remember your gracious hospitality and fellowship.

 As for your mention of Jeff's former Judo practice days, he was a splendid Judoka and seriously practiced Shihan Jigoro KANO's KODOKAN Judo.

 I believe that the discipline gained by his practice of the Budo spread into his interest in Mars. My family and I are very proud of his accomplishments both in sharing his knowledge of Mars to the rest of the world and for raising such a fine family.

 You were very fortunate in having him share both his astute knowledge and the opportunity to meet and greet his immediate family.

Very respectfully,

H.G. "Kiyoshi" ROBINSON



. . . . . . . . . . . . Yes, Robby (Kiyoshi) has been a friend for 40 years. Not many old friends left on this planet.   

                  (26 May 2002 email)


. . . . . . . . . . . Minami-san,

Just a note with attached images of some of my telescopes from left to right: 1) 12.5-inch (32-cm) f/30 Classical Cassegrain (1975-1986); 2) 12.5-inch ( f/7 Newtonian (1986 - 2002); 3) and 4) 16-inch (41-cm) f/7 Newtonian (1990 - 2002); and 5) 20-meter radio telescope at USNO in Miami, Florida (1993 - 1996). The radio dish is my professional instrument when I worked for the U.S. Naval Observatory. I am now using the 32-cm f/7 and will install the 41-cm this year sometime.


 Also, give my friend Nakajima my old Judo/karate photo.  

             (26 May 2002 email)



. . . . . . . . . . Sun, 26 May 2002 17:19:12 -0400

From: "Jeff Beish" <>

To: "Don (bbgdon) Beish"

Cc: "Alan Smith" , "Robby Robinson", "Tim Parker" ,  "Don (Bell) Parker" , "Jack Morton" , "Masatsugu MINAMI" , "Melillo_Frank" , "McKinley_Angela" ,  "Paul&April McKenzie" , "Mike McClure", "Tony Kubik"  "Scott Ireland", "Rik Hill" , "Carlos Hernandez", "Jim DeYoung" , "Tippy (CIS) D'Auria", "Beish_Lila"

Subject: One Year Ago

Date: Sun, 26 May 2002 17:16:38 -0400


 Time flies when you're having fun. One year ago today we moved into this house! One year ago. Time flies when you're having fun. Where does time go?  Well, all I can say about that is.............


 Old Japanese sayings:

"If one is afraid of danger they should not seek adventure."

 "I walk without evil, light or shadow, without being threatened or show fear." (Meaning: If one is afraid of falling leaves, they should not seek the trails of the forest nor should they enter the forest itself).

 "I choose the path of my conscious." (Meaning: From birth you are given many paths of life of which to choose; choose one then travel it well, as it passes but once in your life time.)

 "The fog is so fine that you can't hold it in your hands, yet it can hide a mountain."

 "If one is to polish himself, one must follow a moral path of Morse." (Meaning: To better oneself, one must have stepped over rocks on the Path of Life).

 "The human tongue is but so small yet can cut deeper than any knife."

 "My whole life is Budo purpose of Budo." (Meaning: I am in life as I am in Bushido - I give my all or I give nothing).

 "Peace is only a word if not practiced."

 "In order to build. a good foundation must be laid."

 "A soft spoken word will travel far."

 "Treasures need not be in forms of wealth, yet can be in words."

 "To have fallen is to have found humbleness."

 "To bow is not a sign of weakness, but one of the deepest respect."

 "It's easy to love my friends, but it's not easy to love my enemies."


 Old sayings of Confucius:

The Master said: "The ancients were reserved in their speech, lest their actions might not come up to their words."


  The Master said: "Let me take this illustration: If in raising a mound, I stop working before the last load is placed, the fact remains that I have stopped. On the other hand, if in leveling it to the ground, I advance my work by but one load at a time, the fact remains that I am advancing."


  The Master said: "A man who is boastful in words will be indolent in action."


The Master said: "Do not worry about lack of fame; worry about lack of ability."

 The Master said: "A man who gives no thought to himself and little from others will certainly avoid resentment."


 The Master said: "I am not one born with possession of knowledge, but, being fond of antiquity, I assiduously pursue it."


 The Master said: "Clever words confound virtue. Lack of forbearance in small matters makes a mess of greater schemes."


 The Master said: "Knowing through silent reflection, learning without satiety, and teaching others without becoming weary -- these are merits which I can claim."


 The Master said: "Learn as though you would never be able to master it; hold it as though you would be in fear of losing it."


 The Master said: "The one who never changes is either the wisest or the wise or the dullest of the dull."


 The Master said: "I won't teach a man who is not eager to learn, nor will I explain to one incapable of forming his own ideas.. Nor have I anything more to say to those who, after I have made clear one corner of the subject, cannot deduce the other three."


 The Master said: "Am I possessed of wisdom?  Far from it. But if an ignorant fellow from the lower classes should come to me with a question, I would discuss the subject from beginning to end and set all I know fully before him."


 The Master said: "Arrogant and yet not upright, ignorant and yet not honest, stupid yet not sincere; to such a person I give no recognition."


 For Masatsugu:

nan o osore naba bo ken sube karazu

kage  hinata noshi mo mishi wo aruku

ryo shin no michi wo yuku

fukai kiri teme mo motenai kaku reru daizan

 O nore wo migaku wo aruku beshi

 kuchi wa chii saku tomo hamono yori fukashi

 ware no issho wa budo no tame

heiwa koto ba yori jikko ga taisetsu

 ken ko di aranto fossure ba ki hon o mazyme ni manabu beshi

 ohn wana koto bawa hai da bye kanakyu tsui

- kai ahru takara to wa kana razu shimo mo yo ni me gu mareru ko toni arazu

 shipai shita toki koso ken kyo de are

 reiwa yowami dewa naku sonkei de aru

 tomoo ai-suru wa yasushi teiko ai-suru wa nao mutsu-kashi


. . . . . . . . From: "Jeff Beish" <>

To: "Murakami" <>

Sent: Monday, May 27, 2002 2:01 AM

Subject: Re: Thank you very much / CMO Murakami

Thanks you very much for the kind words Masami.  Take care, live long and prosper.

. . . . . . . .Masatsugu, I have uploaded a draft of the 2003 pre-apparition report.  When it is edited by everyone I will post it onto the ALPO Mars Section page.




I am writing up a nice article on our visit with the OAA in March; however, your article in #259 is so good I think I'll just reference it to the Mars- ALPO group. 

        (28 May 2002 email)

. . . . . . . . . . . Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 11:45:57 -0400

From: "Jeff Beish" <>

Subject: new emial address coming


 I have just signed up for a new Internet server.  It has all the good stuff plus it's $9 cheaper for us seasoned citizens.  Will be using my new address something time next month, I will still use HTN in June. When I begin using it the address is:


. . . . . . . . . . . Sent: Friday, May 31, 2002 8:56 PM

 Well, the HTN servers has been acting up for the past week and dropping off the line every few minuets at times making it impossible to use.  They blame the phone lines of course, but my liens and phones were just checked and are in perfect working order. My new sever does not drop off so that makes it clear to me who is at fault.

 So, I will switch over to today to and my new e-mail address will be

 I will use to check the HTN ( mail from time to time and reply, but please start using to e-mail me from now on. The new servers allow senior accounts at a discounted rate and is much faster, about 50% in fact. So, so long to Home Town Network - the server with a real down home atmosphere - intermittent at best.


. . . . . . . . . . . Date: Sat, 1 Jun 2002 06:19:56 -0400

 Masatsugu, not sure what you mean by reviewing Figure 7.  Anyway, I will use any suggestions that come to me since this will probably be my last apparition report and I want it to be a good one.  I am having some problems in retirement so will have to step down from ALPO.  Hopefully I can get all my Mars work done soon.  Looking forward to CMO #260.


. . . . . . . . . . . Date: Sat, 1 Jun 2002 09:23:39 -0400

 Masatsugu, you are so right!  I will change the Figure 7 right away. Thanks for the advice. A lot on my mind lately and I cannot see my mistakes easily.

 I resigned form the ALPO Mars Section but will remain a member of ALPO and will contribute observations beginning next year. I have several personal problems that are important and need to be attended to. It will take up more time that I would like and I will have very little time left for astronomy or anything else for that matter. .. . . . . . . . .


. . . . . . . .Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2002 06:19:04 -0400

 Thanks Masatsugu, I will contact you later on this year.


. . . . . . . . . . . ・・・From: "Jeffrey D. Beish"

To: "Tippy D'Auria" , "Jim DeYoung" , "Rik Hill" , "Don Parker"

Cc: "MacDougle, Craig" , "Frank Melillo" , "Masatsugu MINAMI" , "John Westfall" , "Robby Robinson" , "Carlos Hernandez"

Subject: new look

Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 17:56:11 -0400


 Hey gang, the new safe observing site is up and running.  Except that it rains all the time!  The cage is a 10x10x6-foot dog kennel made of chain-like fence sections with a gate. To cover the 12.5-inch f/7 I used one of my IR blocking silver tarps to make a tent similar to the way I used them in Miami and one to block off Sunlight to the west and cover my drive corrector, etc. Attached are two views of the no bears dog kennel that is now a safe telescopic observing site. The cage cost me $269 before taxes at Tractor Supply Co. and a $25 delivery. The wife and I easily put it up. I hammered in the anchor kit to day (only $25 for it).

  So, I now have an "observatory" again that cost me about 25% of what I had designed, as in roll-off roof box.  The 16-inch will be a tight fit so I will extend one side out to 12 feet if necessary.  Since it is located on the north side of the house and away from any lights (only three street lights in 1/4-mile) I even can do DSOs.  Oh well, the lest I could do.


  Jeff BEISH  (Lake Placid, FL, USA )

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