LtE in CMO #278

From Jeffrey D BEISH

. . . . . . . .Sent: Wednesday, August 27, 2003 2:07 PM

Subject: Mars 27 August 2003


Getting close to close. I think I drew everything too far north! Oh well, will do some web cam images then another drawing later on when I am awake! Drew "Mountains of Mitchel" for sure. I have seen them on CCD images but this was the first time I have seen them visually.


Included the SPC regression plot from CCD image measurements. The SPC retreat was lagging behind the average from most of the apparition; however, appears to be falling in with the average the past few days. Due to the offset it is difficult to measure the cap with the Novus Mons separated and all that. I will include the CM's later when this plot is finished.


As Mars approaches the nearest I will ever see it again I will stay up to observe the event that should occur at 0820 UT. The sky is absolutely clear with a brilliant Milky Way above and transparency is as clear as I have ever seen it. Mars is too bright in the 41-cm aperture, so I will use a neutral density filter.


. . . . . . . .Date: Sat, 6 Sept 2003 10:33:42 -0400

Subject: Bad phone connect


It is nice living out here in the outback; however, it does have its disadvantages. One is the slow response to utility complaints such as a bad phone connection -- maintenance on phone lines is slow. So he support operator didn't have to hear the complaint because the line was very noisy and a repair call is in for next Tuesday.


SO, saying that I would like to request that no one send me large image files until the phone line is fixed because my baud rate is now down to 12,000 bps and that would necessitate at least a 30 minute wait for anything over a 300K file.


Life in the outback is great but it does have drawbacks :)


. . . . . .Sent: Monday, September 08, 2003 12:21 PM

Subject: Mars 08 Sept 2003


Well, took off a week from observing Mars. Too much red dots in the eye will make green dreams! Also, a little rain helped in that quest. Mars has no dust clouds, but a small low fog or cloud in NW Hellas. Nice thin cloud streak or fog just north of Sabaeus Sinus east of Edom. Or is that "East of Eden"? |::-)


Hope this gets out -- my telephone line is bad and only allows 12,000 bps connect speed -- when it works at all.


Jeff BEISH (Lake Placid, 27.3N/ 81.3W, FL, USA)

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