LtE in CMO #278

From Kai-Li RIU

® . . . . . . . ..Date: Tue, 9 Sept 2003 11:08:01 +0800

Subject: some information about .....


Dear Dr. Masatsugu MINAMI


How are you these days? I believe you do enjoy the Mars observation during this astronomical festival (fever) because there is no typhoon that you worried about. It is very very hot in Taiwan this Summer (90% days are sunny days). The God gave all of us a good opportunity to observe Mars and made crazy for Mars, how about in Japen?


Did you receive Taipei Skylight 21? I hope everything (especially your article) is OK. About your payment of the article we will mail wire transfer (or money order) to you. Could you give us your full address, phone number, name of bank and account number.


It has been a very good experience to work with you. I hope there will be more opportunity in the future. Thank you a lot.





*MINAMI’s article in the TaipeiSky 21 (in Chinese) is found in


Kaili RIU (TAM, Taipei, Taiwan)  

Taipei Astronomical Museum: No. 363, Kee-Ho Rd., Shinlin ,Taipei



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