LtE in CMO #278

From Randy TATUM

. . . . . . .Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2003 03:14:36 +0000


Dear Masatsugu,


I am sending two images taken during my trip out to the western US. They were taken with Richard Hill's C14 telescope in Tucson, AZ. A 2X barlow and ToU cam Pro with IR blocking filter was used. The images were processed with Registax and Photoimpression. The #4 image was taken on 08-20-03 at 0544 UT. The #7 image was taken on 08-20-03 at 0733 UT.


I observed Mars with a friends Obsession 25" refl. on the 25th in New Mexico. Both Phobos and Deimos were easily seen even without occulting Mars! The skies are so excellent we could see color in the trifid and dumbell nebula! Unfortunately the 25" had no drive and was rather awkward to use so no images were taken.




. . . . . . . .Sent: Saturday, August 30, 2003 1:44 AM


Dear Mr. Murakami,


I have attached the file #4 from 08-20-03 at 0544 UT. The instrumentation is the same as the previous image sent to Masatsugu Minami. Thanks for all your fine work!




Randy TATUM (Richmond, VA, USA)

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