LtE in CMO #278

From Thomas A DOBBINS

. . . . . . . Sent: Monday, September 08, 2003 2:11 AM

Subject: Mars: First webcam result




Here’s my first attempt at Mars with the ToUcam on the C-14. Projection with Barlow to f/28, composite of 900 frames, each with a 1/100-second exposure at 15 frames per second. Wavelet processing with Registax. Transparency was excellent this morning, seeing 7/10 with very heavy dewfall. Note detachment of Mountains of Mitchell from SPC.


With decent seeing this was really quite easy! Not a work of art to be sure, but a very satisfying first attempt that really mimics the eyepiece impression. Im hooked!


Tom DOBBINS (Howard, OH, USA)

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