LtE in CMO #279


. . . . . . . .Date: Sat, 13 Sept 2003 22:03:29 -0400

Subject: Mars Images on 9 September 2003.


Hello Masatsugu and Masami.


We have a mutual friend, Don Parker, who tells me that you do an incredible job running the OAA website. Don lives about 1 hour south of me and I have known him for years. I believe he is the best planet imager and has done a wonderful job on Mars this apparition! I personally have been imaging Mars with a variety of telescopes ranging from a 3.5" Questar to a 15" Obsession dobsonian. I managed to get some good images lately with the 15" dob and Don suggested that I forward them to you. Attached you will find those images as well as an image of the set-up. The dobsonian telescope is on a unidirectional tracking platform which worked quite well. Hope you enjoy this and can find room to post it on your OAA website.


Please write back if you have any further questions.




Bill WILLIAMS (Boca Raton, FL, USA) 

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