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From Peter BERRY

. . . . . . . .Date: Wed, 17 Sept 2003 20:39:33 -0500

Subject: Mars images


Dear Masami,


I have recently processed images of Mars obtained in southern Mexico at San Miguel de Allende, approx. 21 degrees North, 101 degrees West, and thought those of 9/3/03 might be of interest to you and your colleagues. The first two (CM 335 and 005.6), show unusually fine detail, especially the first image, and stand up quite well to 1.5X oversampling. The last is a 3X enlargement of the S. Polar region (CM 005.6) showing breakup of the cap into three components, transected by Rima Australis and Rima Angusta.


I obtained the images with a Celestron 9.25 @ f/30 (with TV 3X Barlow), coupled afocally through a William Optics 40mm EP to my Sony TRV-900 3-ccd camcorder working at full optical zoom, for an image scale of about 6 pixels/arc-sec.


I would appreciate any feedback you can give me, and you have my permission for publication of these images on your website if you see fit.


Thanks for your consideration,



. . . . . . . . Date: Thu, 18 Sept 2003 10:36:52 -0500

Subject: Re: Mars images


Thank you, Masami, for your prompt reply and compliments. You have my permission to use the images submitted, and any future submissions, on the CMO Web site. Unfortunately I have been unable to resume imaging since my return from Mexico, and the only images of excellent quality were the ones I sent. I am attaching two other images from 8/30/03 (CM's 041 and 090) of moderately good resolution.

In light of your interest in the use of the TRV-900, I am also attaching a picture of it's attachment to my C 9.25 mounted on the improved CG-5 mount (the Advanced Seri es). The mount, as expected due to its very low price, doesn't begin to match the quality of the scope; but it is stable as long as there is no wind, and tracks well. I have previously used the TRV-900 to image afocally with two other scopes, the last being my Intes Micro Alter M-603 f/10 MCT, for which the present in-line rail mount for the camcorder was cobbled together. The last two attachments are of Jupiter and Saturn with this setup, which I thought you might enjoy.

The thing I have enjoyed the most in working with the Sony is it's ease of use and full manual controls, with shutter speeds down to 1/4 sec and independent control of gain. For the gas giants at large scale with the 6" MCT, this required exposures of 1/8 to 1/30 sec., at 6-9 dB gain. Locating objects is no problem using minimal zoom, which gives about a 1 degree field with the 6" scope, and a 40' field with the 9.25".

Best regards,


Peter BERRY (Panama City (31N, 85W), FL, USA)  

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