LtE in CMO #280

From Edward Arnold GRAFTON

. . . . . . . .Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2003 13:56:32 -0500 (CDT)

Subject: Mars Observation September 28th 2003 at 04:06 UT


Hi Mars Observers


Here is an image from September 28th 2003 at 04:06 UT. The sky transparency was fair 5/10 and the seeing was fair 5/10.


C14 @ f/34.5, ST5 CCD


RED + IR rejection, .2 seconds, Edmund filter

GREEN + IR rejection, .4 seconds, Edmund filter

BLUE + IR rejection, .8 second, Edmund filter

Luminance, IR + Red , 600-1000nm .05 seconds, Edmunds filter

. . . . . . . .Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2003 11:02:55 -0500 (CDT)

Subject: Saturn Spots 0ctober 8th 2003


Hi Saturn Observers


Here is an observation from October 8th 2003. There are two spots that show in these images. The more southerly is likely the spot discovered by by Christophe Pellier on September 13th and is at about CM 3 of 208. There is a second fainter spot showing at about the same longitude but closer to the equator. The sky was foggy with cirrus clouds, transparency was fair 4/10, and seeing was very good, 8/10. No wind and heavy dew. The weather was warm with the temperatures in the 70s F.


Saturn image:



Ed Grafton, Houston Texas, ST5C CCD and a 14 inch f/11 Celestron SCT


Barlow Projection to f/27 aprox .21 arc seconds per pixel.



Image data:


10 BLUE + IR rejection, 1 seconds, SBIG filter

10 GREEN + IR rejection, .8 seconds, SBIG filter

10 RED + IR rejection, .6 seconds, SBIG filter

Clear filter, No IR .3 seconds, SBIG filter


Ed GRAFTON (Houston, Texas, USA)

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