LtE in CMO #281

From Peter BERRY

. . . . . . .Sent: Saturday, October 11, 2003 9:15 AM

Subject: SPC


Hi, Masami.


I have read the "Director's Notes" with interest, particularly the discussion regarding the breakup of the SPC. In light of this, I took another look at my SPC detail image of 9/3/03 and reprocessed it rather brutally for maximum detail at 4X magnification. Being a complete novice in observing and imaging Mars with a now adequate 'scope, I would appreciate any comments you might have, particularly regarding the expected collapse downward of Argentus Mons. Would this be manifested by a new fissure appearing somewhere to the east of Argentus in the right foreground (at the small notch near the center?) and extending into Rima Angusta, or is it rather the extension of Rima Angusta through the cap and into Rima Australis, which is what this image seems to show.


Thanks very much in advance,


Peter BERRY (Panama City (31N, 85W), FL, USA)

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