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Solar Eclipse on 10 June 2002

An Annular Eclipse of the Sun was seen on 10 June GMT starting as a partial eclipse from eastern Asia, and the annularity began from the Celebes Sea, crossed the Pacific Ocean and ended on the west coast of Mexico. The annularity started at 21:51 GMT and ended at 01:35 GMT. The maximal duration was 23 seconds.


Teruaki KUMAMORI watched the partial eclipse at Sakai, Osaka. The sky was rather full of clouds, but at 08:00 JST on 11 June (23:00 GMT on 10 June), he produced the present image by the use of a Sony handycam Video camera.



Naoya MATSUMOTO took a flight to Tinian, Northern Marianas Islands, and produced a set of photos as below at the rooftop of the Dynasty Hotel (located at 145.6E, 14.9N). He used a Borg 10cm ED refractor down to 5cm with an fl=1280mm. Each image was made exposed on Fuji Provia 100F for 1/60 seconds by the use of a Nikkor 4D filter.





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