LtE in CMO #244

From Daniel FISCHER

@. . . .thank you for the frequent updates of Mars activities - but the new frontpage

just doesn't work: There is just NO link click to any of the material, including the picture archive and the CMO's! Until a few weeks ago, everything worked, and there were plenty of links, but now it's just a dead front page for my browser with no further content (and I've also analyzed it with View Page Source and View Page Info). Please bring back a working front page for the rich CMO content!!!  Regards,

(13 May 2001 email)


@. . . . . . . . . . thank you very much for your kind mail and the URLs to circumvent the troublesome main portal (why not just offer the *old* one as an alternative or a very simple, frame-free text-only page?).I would feel honored to be included in the mailing list for the printed CMO.

 We have an active observers scene here in the Bonn area, and I promise to distribute the CMO widely. Now, for 2001 there will not be many useful observations from here because the declination is too far south - but we will try do some work from Zambia in June when our group is in Africa for the Solar eclipse. Regards,

(20 May 2001 email)

@. . . . . . . . . . I'm happy to report that

works fine (although it's hard to read - a more neutral background would be much preferred), as does

(which I've linked on

in the small items at the end; it'll be advertised more prominently soon).

And many thanks also for the printed version of CMO #243 (which shocked my mother with all the Japanese characters :-) - I'll show it around in the local observers community here in the Bonn area! Regards,


 P.S.: I've got a very different question. This November a large group of German amateur astronomers is going to S. Korea for the Leonid meteor storm. I know that the relationship between Japan and Korea has been difficult at times but also that there is a lot of cultural exchange now.

 We are having great difficulties making contact to amateur astronomers in Korea because almost all websites there are in Korean - could you point us to some national or local organizations which we could contact before the trip? The professional astronomical organizations and observatories were easy to find, but so far we have not found a single amateur.

(23 May 2001 email)

 Daniel FISCHER (Koenigswinter, Germany)

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