LtE in CMO #245

From  David GRAHAM

@. . . . . . Many thanks for forwarding Don's email (on the Edom brightening) to me, and for keeping the OAA Mars Newsletters coming. I have been following the expedition to observe Mars from the Florida Keys with interest and am very pleased to hear that brightness fluctuations on Mars were recorded. My only regret was that I was not there in person to them! 

 On a personal note, I married last year and moved to a new address -


95 Hillshaw Park Way


North Yorkshire




If OAA Mars new letters could be directed to the above rather than my previous address at Brompton-on-Swale, Richmond, North Yorkshire, it would be appreciated. Needless to say, Newsletters sent to my previous address have been forwarded to me!

  Mars is very low for me this year but should I have any meaningful views with my telescope I shall of course forward observations to you. Kind regards,

(7 June 2001 email)

  David GRAHAM  (UK)

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