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From  David R KLASSEN

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Volume 5; Issue 3

Mar 1, 2001

Circulation: 1453


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                                             (1) Welcome message and website update                          

(2) Observation coordination




Dear Marsphiles,

Welcome to the month of Mars - if in name only.  I hope we are all gearing up to get a really good look at the red planet this coming June.  The MarsWatch web site is up and running with almost 50 images currently contributed.  Keep 'em coming! I have been able to get some fund together to hire a part-time student helper with the site through (at least?) June, so with two of us handling things we ought to be able to keep up with your contributions.  Be sure to check out the ALPO Mars section contributions page for some new information and a link to their Martian Chronicles for some advice on what to be looking for this Mars season.

Clear Skies!

- Dave




One of the things the MarsWatch "charter" discusses is the frequent observations of Mars. To help thefrequency, and the ability to get coverage over as many wavelengths as possible, I'd like to add a page to the Marswatch site listing the observing schedules of the professional astronomers amoung us. Since our observing time is FAR more restricted than those of you with your own telescopes, this will provide a baseline of coverage that our community will achieve. It will also provide a good starting point for the amateur observers so they can better fill in the spatial and spectral coverage.  Of course I realize that many of the amateurs will be following a "whenever I can get to my 'scope" schedule, but it would be nice to see if we can't get as complete a picture of Mars as possible.  I hope to have this new page up by next week, beginning with my own observing schedule.  I will add to it the schedules of any other observers who e-mail their details (when, where, wavelengths, etc.)

(2 March 2001 email)


Department of Chemistry & Physics
Rowan University

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