LtE in CMO #241

From Damian PEACH

@. . . . . . Here is an observation from March 8th. Poor seeing so low down, but some interesting clouds were still noted.

Best Wishes

(10 March 2001 email)


D. A. Peach, King's Lynn, Norfolk, UK.

12" (30.5cm) Meade SCT.

Magnifications: 406X.

Filters: Unfiltered/W#21.

Seeing very poor (2-3 at 15degs altitude.) Seeing good (6-7) at ~50 degs altitude.

Transparency good (4.0mag), high haze, cirrus.

Wind SE (0-5mph.) Light dew.

Observation Time: 04:40 - 04:55 UT

Mars CML: 65.6

Ls: 127.4

Diameter: 8.29"

Altitude of Mars: 15degs.

Comments: Seeing at this altitude was poor on this occasion, seriously limiting the view. Despite this a distinct haze over Chryse was observed. Also, prominent Olympus Mons cloud on the Morning Limb. Haze also visible over Argyre I. NPC quite small, but still visible.

Mare Acidalium/Erythraeum visible, but rather deviod of fine details due to seeing. Solis Lacus faint, again due to seeing. Nilokeras also faint.

Damian PEACH (Norfolk UK)

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