LtE in CMO #245

From Edward Arnold GRAFTON

@. . . . . . The attached images are for the 5/29 image for the red, blue and luminance channels. I changed the technique for this image a little from before by gathering 3 images for the red filtered image (which were averaged together) instead of only one from before. This may help in providing more accurate color data. I hope that Yukio Morita has some good luck with his new technique.

(30 May 2001 email)

@・・・・・This image was taken 06/03/01 at 7:28 UT from Houston, Texas.

The attached images are from the 6/03 image (below) for the red, blue and luminance channels.

(3 June 2001 email)


@・・・・・I see now that the 5/29 image is linked to the CMO gallery. I had overlooked it before because it did not have a thumbnail image but just "click". Perhaps if I were not so tired from working all day and staying up many nights to get images of Mars I would not have made this mistake. Thanks for clearing this up for me.

I looked at MORITA's images on 25 May and they are excellent. Many thanks to OKANO for his innovation in image processing with the LRGB method. A couple of years ago my friends and I came up with the CMY method of producing images. Perhaps you saw our article in the Dec. 1998 issue of S&T.

Today I received the issues of CMO and was very excited to get them. They will provide me many hours of pleasant reading but more importantly an education. Unlike yourself and your peers, I am not an expert on Mars but have learned a lot in the last few weeks. The CMO will issues will be of much value to me to become a trained Mars observer. Yours truly

4 June 2001 email


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