LtE in CMO #245

From Frank J MELILLO

@. . . . . . Here are my latest images of Mars on 6-1-2001.

(2 June 2001 email)

@・・・・・Here are my latest images of Mars on 6-4-2001.

A Martian flare watch in Edom Promontorium around 5:15 UT. The seeing was below average at 3 on the ALPO scale. It seems that I have captured a small brightening in that region at 5:16 UT. I am not very sure.  I hope many of you have observed at the same time as I did. Please, e-mail me if you have seen anything or not. As of now, I haven't heard anything yet. Ed Grafton had captured a small white spot in the same region a few nights earlier.

(7 June 2001 email)


@・・・・・In reference to Edom brightening, I'm not too sure if I have captured a possible "slightly" brightening in Edom in early Monday morning June 4th at 5:16 UT. It appeared little brighter in one image at 5:16 UT but not in others. Nicolas Biver of France e-mailed to me and he had seen the same thing as I did a few nights earlier. Richard Mckim of BAA also said "but Edom appears normal as a white patch throughout the season".

Now I am wondering if Don Parker and his team videotaped for that morning on June 4th at 5:16 UT.

 It is going to be clear tonight in New York. I am willing to image any possible further brightening in Edom. What we're hoping for is a flare not 'just a brightening'. Can anyone tell me what time it suppose to occur on June 9th UT and for the US east coast? I would appreciate that. Many thanks to you.

9 June 2001 email


Director, the ALPO Mercury Section

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