LtE in CMO #245

From  Maurizio di SCIULLO

@. . . . . . We finally got half a shot at Mars last night here in Coconut Cracked.

 Seeing was no better than "soft" (4/10), and it actually rained on me half way through the imaging session. I intentionally left the frame "half cooked" to preserve the subtle color shadings in the Hellas/ Syrtis area.  It looks weird - no sign of the haze, just a tan shade to it.  I tried this shot with both my CR1600 and the hyper-blue sensitive HX-916 and both returned the same result - a marked lack of signal in the 400 - 510nm band.  Any ideas, gents?

(7 June 2001 email)

  Maurizio di SCIULLO  (FL,USA)

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