LtE in CMO #242

From Myron E WASIUTA  

@. . . . . Dear Don and Masatsugu,

Just got in from observing Mars and I wanted to write about some interesting observations. I observed from 9:00-11:00 UT on March 28 (CM 298-327). The seeing was fair early on, but by twilight it had gotten very good! At 360X and using a magenta filter (W30), I think I saw a hazy cloud arc at the North-following limb. I believe this might be the beginning of the NPH. But the best was yet to come! As Syrtis Major approached the evening limb, I watched a bright cloud form over this region in the course of about 40 minutes! At the same time, A bright patch along the sunrise limb was seen, which I believe to be Chryse. The albedo features were clearly seen as the seeing became almost perfect! It was very refreshing to finally get a good spell of seeing after so many observations with mediocre or poor conditions! Anyway, just wanted to sound off here! I am really looking forward to rather summer months and their better seeing conditions!



PS- I will forward these observations soon to ALPO and CMO.

(28 March 2001 email)


@. . . . . Thank you for the prompt reply regarding my observations of the NPR on 28 Mar 2001. I will indeed refer to the cited pages in CMO #221. As I was pressed for time this morning, after completing my observations, I quickly left for work without bringing my telescope indoors. I felt safe as no rain was predicted for the next 24 hours. However, while I was at work my wife Terry called and said the wind had blown the telescope over, with some damage to the secondary cage. I had a sick feeling in my stomach all day. When I got home, I quickly assed the damage. Fortunately it was relatively minor. No damage occurred to either the primary or secondary mirrors. I believe I can fix the telescope quickly with no interruption in my observing! I really need an observatory!!

Thanks again for the prompt reply, and I too wish you well as we get closer to opposition! Sincerely,

(28 March 2001 email)


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