LtE in CMO #245

From Nicolas BIVER

@. . . . . . . Weather has been a little more cooperative, here near Paris, for the last 2 weeks. So I have been able to make a few more drawings. About this possibility of flare in Edom, when I saw where it is located in F. Melillo picture, I realized that I may have seen one on May 28 at a very similar CML (see attached drawing), when I noticed a small bright spot North of the middle of Sinus Sabaeus. I cannot tell exactly how long it lasted and the precise time at which I saw it (1:00 +-10min UT, likely which implies CML = 337+-2), but I did not draw it on the next drawing 1:25 hours later. [I am not talking about the slightly brighter round spot which is between it and the beginning of Sinus Meridiani] I was not looking especially after such flare(s), so this is an unbiased observation - confirming F. Melillo observation (?).

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(7 June 2001 email)

Nicolas BIVER (Versailles, France)

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