LtE in CMO #244

From Samuel WHITBY

@. . . . . . Thank you for your message. It is always good to hear from you. I am aware that this is your busy time and try not to bother you with politics and such while Mars is near. After our red planet has receded, please let me know about the oriental apology that you mentioned.

The weather here has been cloudy for most of the last two weeks. One morning last week was clear enough to see Mars, but the seeing was terrible. There seemed to be a small NPC and a larger South Polar Hood, with Syrtis Major coming onto the disc. I did not catch enough details for making a drawing to seem worthwhile. Every other morning has been completely clouded over.

The spring seems to have been a cool one,for we still have spinach in the garden. Spinach does not like hot days, and it quickly goes to seed here.

Usually by the middle of April the spinach season is over. This year we have had enough to please Popeye and make my family tired of it.

Grafton's images are very impressive. I do not know him but will try to make his acquaintance, at least in cyber-space. I hope that he continues to send his images to the CMO, and I plan to encourage him to do so.

Sincerely yours,

(22 May 2001 email)


@. . . . . . . . . . Thank you for forwarding the attached message. I will try to check on Myron and see if I can be of assistance. Although he lives only about one hour's drive from me, we have never met in person, but we have talked on the phone and exchanged friendly messages. I do consider him a friendů..


(24 May 2001 email)


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