LtE in CMO #244

From TAN Wei-Leong

@. . . . . Dear fella Mars observers, Attached is my latest shot from this morning.

 Seeing was almost perfect for the duration of these images. I also did a visual observation of Mars after imaging at 777x and the disc was perfect (almost) still. I also could see the airy disc and 1st diffraction ring completely stable while collimating the scope which lead me to believe that the seeing was perfect.

I've just returned from a week of business trip from Kyoto, Japan. I could continue to image due to the good seeing but I was too tired to do so.

The images are a little disappointing mostly due to the poor optics of my Celestron C11. Anyone care to spare me a good scope for this opposition?

Please let me know if you have any comments regarding the images. Regards and Clear Skies

(20 May 2001 email)

@. . . . . . . .Attached is my new Mars image from this morning.

There appears to be some difference in the cloud/haze structures near to the two poles and hellas.

Seeing was good to very good (7-8/10) There seems to be lots of details and I am still trying to identify all of them. Very interesting when you compare images one day apart and notice the difference in the cloud structure. You have a die hard Mars fan from now.

It's clear here again and seems possible for another set of images but I am really too tired to do anything, I will try. Best Regards

(21 May 2001 email)

TAN Wei-Leong (Singapore)

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