Communications in Mars Observations

The OAA Mars Section, Japan


-- 25 January 2001 --



From #239 we cite 5 articles



The first issue of the CMO in the 21st Century contains:

      The third issue of the CMO 2001 Mars Report here deals with the observations made during the one-month period from 16 December 2000 to 15 January 2001; the contributors this time being CIDADÃO (Portugal), HIGA, ISHADOH, MINAMI, MORITA, T NAKAJIMA, PARKER (USA) and PEACH (UK).

      1998/99 Mars CMO Note  (17) reviews the observations of the white condensed cloud observed over Syrtis Major when it approached the preceding terminator or limb  (by MINAMI).

3.   In the g
Forthcoming 2001 Marsh corner, it is recalled that the coming Martian season will be governed by a decreasing low atmospheric pressure since at the opposite Antarctic area the south polar cap becomes soon maximal, and MINAMI urges to check the related phenomena on the northern hemisphere.

4.      Ten Years Ago, we published CMO #100 and 101 in January 1991: MURAKAMI summarises what kind of articles they contain (in Japanese).

5.      Letters to the Editor records a number of emails or cards received; in a new design of web-page!

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