LtE in CMO #261

From Damian A PEACH

・・・・・・・・・・・Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2002 13:34:25 +0100

Dear Friends,

As some of you already know i am in the process of moving home again. My home address, where i can be reached until December is now:


49 Warren Wood Road, Rochester, Kent.

ME1 2XA. United Kingdom.


Please use this address from now on for all "snail mail" correspondence. My partner and i have now moved in with friends, to cut our costs, and we have been in the process of selling much of our stuff, when on January 11th next year, we will be, after much thought, permanently relocating to Tenerife, Spain.

I will not be reachable by e-mail between Dec to mid January 03, but please continue to send images during this period. I will now resume my own imaging program in August this year, but will not be able to image between Late Nov to Mid January 03. I will then again resume observing from late January 03 from our new home.

 Best Wishes to all.


. . . . . . . . . . . Hi Clay,

>If you keep moving you will become know as the "Gypsy Astronomer of the UK!" Hope your move is a good one, on the serious side!


Many thanks. Things are a bit "up in the air" at the moment, and the house looks more like a store room. The scopes are now packed away, and wont see light again until late summer. On the good side, i guess our new home (and i will probably be back to a balcony of some kind) will be so much better for observing than here. Its a fair bit to organise, but things are going smoothly.

Best Wishes

(4 June 2002 email)

. . . . . . . . . . .Hi all, Please note, that as of Friday June 21st, my primary e-mail address will have changed to:


Please begin using this address from now on, as my netscapeonline account is soon to disappear. Many thanks for your time.


(17 June 2002 email)

. . . . . . . . . . .Hi to Everyone, Just a note to say that as of November 1st 2002 my permanent home address will have become:


Calle Doctor Guigou,

18 Urbanizacion Las Aguilas

38400 Puerto de la Cruz


Canary Is.



Please do not send any 'snail mail' correspondence to my current address after October 15th, 2002, but rather send it to my new address. Also, please don't send any e-mail to my current address after October 15th, 2002. I will contact you all when i have arranged a new ISP connection at my new home.

I am very much looking forward to resuming CCD imaging of Jupiter, Mars, and the other Planets from my new location later this year, which is a small apartment around 0.5km from the North coast, and around 100m amsl (2824' 0 N, 1633' 00 W) see attached photo's. Thanks to everyone for the consideration in advance.

Best Wishes

(19 June 2002 email)


. . . . . . . . . . . Hi to Everyone,

Please note that my own homepage is now located at:


The BAA Jupiter Section pages are now at:


The BAA Saturn pages are currently being revised, but the link will be:


These changes are immediate, and the above URL's are now active as of today.

Best Wishes

(24 June 2002 email)

Damian PEACH (Rochester, Kent, UK)

ALPO/BAA Jupiter Sections; BAA Saturn Section

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