LtE in CMO #248


@. . . . . . . . . . I am sending my Mars observations to date. These three are about all that Virginia's poor weather and my opportunities allow for now. I would appreciate any critiques and suggestions to improve any quality and format aspects.


Have enjoyed the CMO, and will continue to send my humble observations as the weather permits, Best 

             (13 June 2001 postmarked)


@. . . . . .  . . Dear Dr. Minami,  I  appreciate your timely confirmation of your receipt of my drawings. I would not have expected such a swift mail delivery - just 7 days!

        Yes, Sam Whitby, Randy Tatum, and I use the Richmond Astronomical Society's observatory often. It is officially named the "Ragland Observatory", for the late Mr. Beaufort Ragland, who was one of the founders of the RAS in 1949 and a major contributor to the building of the RAS observatory, which was finished in 1963. It houses a classical Fraunhoffer f/15, 7" (178 mm) refractor.

        I certainly hope that my personal schedule and our fickle Virginia weather will give me many more observing opportunities at this exciting time. Randy and I have tentative plans to attend the ALPO meeting in Frederick, Maryland in late July, where I'm sure that this Mars apparition will be a prominent subject on the agenda.

       Good seeing,

 (25 June 2001 email)


@. . . . . . . . . . My best wishes to you and your colleagues at CMO, during this most demanding but interesting period of the apparition.


I will give a strong effort to observe and record Mars during this most interesting dust storm especially, and I am glad I manages to involve myself thus far.


 Have enjoyed your email messages explaining the storm's progress and its appearances to other CMO observers.

(12 July 2001 postmarked)


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