LtE in CMO #246

From Mike MATTEI

@. . . . . . Sorry for the long time between this letter and the last. My job has kept me busy, and on Friday we will be off to Hawaii for 2 weeks. I hope to get some views of the Red Planet from there since we have had really bad seeing here, even on nights that look good the seeing is very high frequency, not good for imaging. Also, had lots of equipment trouble on top of all of this. I had to give up to get prepared for this trip. Jan and I will be teaching on the big Island during the day, and we go observing at night until about 11pm. We observe at a golf course, so can't stay late.


I have been keeping up with the reports in CMO, and the Web page, this is how I  know what is happening with Mars. Looks like I'll try imaging when we get back just after the 4th of July. If I get images then I'll send them in.


Thanks for continuing to send CMO, I really enjoy reading it.


Good luck to all with your observing.

(14June 2001 email)


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