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From  Maurizio Di SCIULLO

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Subject: Re: Mars and Rain.


I apologize for the incomplete manner of my latest image. I attach a complete set of frames, along with times, +/- 1m.  Extreme spatial frequency enhancement of 400 - 510nm frame at a PSF of 7.5p shows signal around Edom, and Schiaparelli.  Interestingly, while almost the entire morning limb shows no signal in that band, a slight intensification may be seen at roughly +8  degrees latitude, and 18 degrees longitude.  The image was intentionally under-processed to avoid the possibility of imparting artifacts into the frame.

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(13 June 2001 22:08:14 EDT email)


@. . . . . .I must apologize again!   Yes, you have my permission to use the file as you deem necessary.

(13 June 2001 22:13:54 EDT email)


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Subject: More Dust Activity?


The weather finally broke long enough for me to get these shots, seeing was 6/10.  It looks like there is more dust activity over the Sinai/Solis/Icaria area, as evidenced by the detail in the 610 - 720nm frame.

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(31 July 2001 email)

  Maurizio Di SCIULLO  (Coconut Creek, FL, USA)

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