LtE in CMO #248

From Richard W SCHMUDE Jr

@. . . . . . . . .Congratulations to you and other Japanese observers on the discovery of a major dust storm on Mars.


 My photoelectric magnitude measurements indicate that between the MARTIAN longitudes of 250 and 310 degrees W, Mars has gotten brighter in Johnson B, V, R and I filter. The resulting brightness increases (in magnitudes) for each filter are: B- (0.18+/-0.03), V- (0.32+/-0.02), R- (0.35+/-0.03), and I- (0.25+/-0.03). The B-V and B-R color indexes increased by 0.14+/-0.04 and 0.17+/-0.04 magnitude respectively as a result of the dust; these numbers show that Mars 14-17% redder. It must be pointed out that Mars is quite dark between 250 and 310 degrees W and that the dust may not have the same effect at other Martian longitudes. The geometrical albedo of Mars in the V filter was measured to be 0.20 during July 17~19 2001; the normal albedo is 0.15.

(21 July 2001)


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