LtE in CMO #247,248

From  Robert SCHULZ

@. . . . . Dear Mr. Murakami and the team of CMO, My friend Herbert Csadek have collected some Mars videos during its stay in Namibia/Africa (south-23). This was very favorable, because Mars was very high in the sky. I have processed some of his videos and present you the most interesting pictures. On the 24th June picture I believe seeing some clouds over Hellas (the beginning of the storm ?) but the seeing was very bad on this day.


In the next weeks I will observe Mars here in Austria with my equipment (if weather permits..) and will send you some more results. best wishes,

 (2 July 2001 email)


@. . . . . . here is my result from 4th July 2001 of Mars. Altitude was low (just under 15) an Seeing was terrible. But a really bright yellow Hellas was seen very good visually and also with the webcam.

 best wishes,

(9 July 2001 email)


@. . . . . .here is my result from 14th July 2001 of Mars. Altitude of the planet was low here in Vienna (just under 15) and Seeing was fair. The planet is globally reduced in contrast in my opinion, because of the current dust storm.

 best wishes,

(15 July 2001 email)

  Robert SCHULZ ( Vienna, Austria)

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