Forthcoming 2005 Mars


Ephemeris for the Observation of the 2005 Mars. VIII

January 2006




HIS is a sequel to Part VII where the Ephemeris for the physical Observation of Mars from 1 November 2005 to 31 December 2005 was given, and the present one deals with the Ephemeris of one month from 1 January 2006 to 31 January 2006: The data are listed for every day at 00:00 GMT (not TDT). ω and φ denote the longitude and latitude of the sub-Earth point respectively. The symbols λ, δ and ι stand for the areocentric longitude of the Sun, the apparent diameter and the phase angle respectively. In practice, the decimal fractions are not needed except for δ. The phase angle ι gives a convenient value to see the noon line or other Martian local times. The apparent declination of the planet is given at the last column. It shows a possible altitude of the planet and as well it may be useful to introduce the planet into the finder. The data are basically based on The Astronomical Almanac for the Year 2006.

áááááá ááááá


ááááááááááááá Date (00:00GMT)áááááááááááá ωáááááááááááááá φááááááááááááááá λáááááááááááááááááá δ ááááááá ιááááá Declination

01áá Januaryááá 2006ááááá 012.40Wááá 19.1Sááá 349.50Lsááááá 12.08"áá 33.5ááá +1637'ááááááá

02áá Januaryááá 2006ááááá 003.00Wááá 19.0Sááá 350.02Lsááááá 11.95"áá 33.8ááá +1643'ááááá

03áá Januaryááá 2006ááááá 353.60Wááá 19.0Sááá 350.53Lsááááá 11.83"áá 34.0ááá +1648'ááááá

04áá Januaryááá 2006ááááá 344.22Wááá 18.9Sááá 351.05Lsááááá 11.70"áá 34.3ááá +1654'ááááá

05áá Januaryááá 2006ááááá 334.84W ááá18.8Sááá 351.56Lsááááá 11.57"áá 34.5ááá +1700'ááááá


06áá Januaryááá 2006ááááá 325.41Wááá 18.7Sááá 352.07Lsááááá 11.45"áá 34.7ááá +1706'ááááá

07áá Januaryááá 2006ááááá 315.99Wááá 18.6Sááá 352.58Lsááááá 11.33"áá 35.0ááá +1712'ááááá

08áá Januaryááá 2006ááááá 306.57Wááá 18.5Sááá 353.09Lsááááá 11.20"áá 35.2ááá +1718'ááááá

09áá Januaryááá 2006ááááá 297.16Wááá 18.4Sááá 353.60Lsááááá 11.08"áá 35.4 ááá+1724'ááááá

10áá Januaryááá 2006ááááá 287.70Wááá 18.3Sááá 354.11Lsááááá 10.97"áá 35.6ááá +1730'ááááá


11áá Januaryááá 2006ááááá 278.25Wááá 18.2Sááá 354.62Lsááááá 10.85"áá 35.8ááá +1737'ááááá

12áá Januaryááá 2006ááááá 268.81Wááá 18.1Sááá 355.13Lsááááá 10.74"áá 35.9ááá +1743'ááááá

13áá Januaryááá 2006ááááá 259.37Wááá 18.0Sááá 355.64Lsááááá 10.62"áá 36.1ááá +1749'ááááá

14áá Januaryááá 2006ááááá 249.88Wááá 17.8Sááá 356.14Lsááááá 10.52"áá 36.3ááá +1756'ááááá

15áá Januaryááá 2006ááááá 240.41Wááá 17.7Sááá 356.65Lsááááá 10.41"áá 36.5ááá +1803'ááááá


16 ááJanuaryááá 2006ááááá 230.94Wááá 17.6Sááá 357.15Lsááááá 10.31"áá 36.6ááá +1809'ááááá

17áá Januaryááá 2006ááááá 221.49Wááá 17.5Sááá 357.65Lsááááá 10.20"áá 36.8ááá +1816'ááááá

18áá Januaryááá 2006ááááá 211.99Wááá 17.3Sááá 358.15Lsááááá 10.10"áá 36.9ááá +1823'ááááá

19áá Januaryááá 2006ááááá 202.49Wááá 17.2Sááá 358.66Lsááááá 10.00"áá 37.1ááá +1830'ááááá

20áá Januaryááá 2006ááááá 193.00Wááá 17.1Sááá 359.16Lsááááá 09.90"áá 37.2ááá +1836'ááááá

ááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááá áááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááá

21áá Januaryááá 2006ááááá 183.52Wááá 16.9Sááá 359.66Lsááááá 09.80"áá 37.3ááá +1843'ááááá

22áá Januaryááá 2006ááááá 174.00Wááá 16.8Sááá 000.16Lsááááá 09.71"áá 37.4ááá +1850'ááááá

23áá Januaryááá 2006ááááá 164.48Wááá 16.6Sááá 000.66Lsááááá 09.61"áá 37.5ááá +1857'ááááá

24áá Januaryááá 2006ááááá 154.98Wááá 16.5Sááá 001.15Lsááááá 09.52"áá 37.6ááá +1904'ááááá

25áá Januaryááá 2006ááááá 145.48Wááá 16.3Sááá 001.65Lsááááá 09.42"áá 37.7ááá +1911'ááááá


26áá Januaryááá 2006ááááá 135.94Wááá 16.2Sááá 002.15Lsááááá 09.33"áá 37.8ááá +1918'ááááá

27áá Januaryááá 2006ááááá 126.41Wááá 16.0Sááá 002.64Lsá áááá09.25"áá 37.9ááá +1925'ááááá

28áá Januaryááá 2006ááááá 116.88Wááá 15.8Sááá 003.14Lsááááá 09.16"áá 37.9ááá +1932'ááááá

29áá Januaryááá 2006ááááá 107.37Wááá 15.7Sááá 003.63Lsááááá 09.07"áá 38.0ááá +1939'ááááá

30áá Januaryááá 2006ááááá 097.81Wááá 15.5Sááá 004.12Lsááááá 08.99"áá 38.1ááá +1946'ááááá


31áá Januaryááá 2006ááááá 088.27Wááá 15.3Sááá 004.62Lsááááá 08.91"áá 38.1ááá +1953'áá

ááááá áááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááá

01áá Februaryáá 2006ááááá 078.73Wááá 15.2Sááá 005.11Lsááááá 08.82"áá 38.2ááá +2000'ááááá


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