LtE in CMO #251

From   Nicolas BIVER

@. . . . . . Here is a drawing made on August16, following a previous E-mail I sent about feature that were more easily visible than previously. More recent observations (Aug. 24.8 and 25.8) are less conclusive because of poor observing conditions and lack of normal albedo features at these longitudes (CML 172W and 155W).    

         (27 August 2001 email)


@ . . . . . . . I attach here my latest drawing of Mars, but it is already a week old as weather has been bad everyday since...

 If you are interested, I also attach my latest drawings of Jupiter and Saturn, all with my 25.6cm Newtonian from France - but the Seeing was good for the giant planets, both much higher in the Sky than Mars.

 I also found out that there are some jpg files than cannot read everywhere (looks like these are of the lowest degrees of compression/degradation, below none): with a flat scanner I could create them, but I cannot display them with my xview version (but with some netscape ones). The two jpg attached files should be of this kind, let me know if you also have problems viewing them.

 (8 September 2001 email)





11 August 2001 at 3:40 GMT at Ablis, Yvelines, France



        ___     .      * "

       /(O)\    *   *    *  Do not lit up the Sky... You waste energy,

       ' | `          "     money, and glare makes it unsafe... It is

     ' ' | ` `              not only your sky but world's heritage.

   '  '  |  `  `            The Milky Way is our home, let's enjoy it!


@ . . . . . . . Thanks for your E-mail and keeping on sending the CMOs. If you want or can change my mailing address, please keep sending them to Versailles, but use the following address:


Nicolas Biver

5 promenade VENEZIA

78000 Versailles



That's really my own address, but the former one is my parent's, just a few hundred meters away, so it is fine too. My residency in the Netherlands is not fully established and I still go back to France every two weeks at least.


 (10 September 2001 email)


 @. . . . . . . . . After struggling with bad luck with the weather (i.e. no opportunity to observe Mars for the last 2 weeks - at the time Syrtis Major should have been visible), I finally got the opportunity to make these 2 drawings. The  Mare Cimmerium -Mare Tyrrhenum region is now clearly visible, blue-greyish,  I guess not to far from before dust storm status.

 (24 September 2001 email)

  Nicolas BIVER  (Versaille, France/Noordwijk, The Netherlands)

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