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Dear Masatsugu,


@Thank you for your kind words and expression of sympathy. I had planned to write to you today in regard to Mars, but I have been utterly stunned by what has happened.


My family and I are physically well and psychologically confident, but we are hurt deeply by today's events. I think it may be better to wait until later to write more.



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Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2001 2:11 PM


> Dear Friends,


> Terrible events!  Nearly eight hours have passed since the

> unbelievable attacks, but no one can say yet about the depth of

> the sacrifices. Especially I am seriously afraid such an

> unexpected brutish terrorism injures psychologically any of the

> American people. I want here to express my hearty sympathy to

> you and your family, and I hope you will send my words of

> consolation to your colleagues.


> The NY time 9:00 AM corresponds to 10:00 PM in Japan, and the

> News Hour on the NHK-TV begins. When it began last night, it

> readily turned to the breaking news from NY (via CNN or ABC),

> and meanwhile it cast on live the shocking scene of the second

> hi-jacked airplane that crashed the other tower of the WTC.

> After then the whole Japanese TV channels turned to New York or

> Washington, and so I suppose the Japanese people have spent

> uneasily this night. The collapses of the towers were really

> tragic and disastrous.


> The terrorists look very organized, and so eerie. I hear first

> this night, but the Japanese government was warned a week ago

> to protect the US Embassy and the US bases from the terrorism,

> and so any place in the world has been similarly on the alert.

> I hope however such a tragedy is never done over again.


> Sincerely


> Masatsugu MINAMI

> The OAA Mars Section


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