LtE in CMO #252


@. . . . . . Thank you for the forwarded message about the Mars dust storm press conference. Unfortunately, by the time I got your message (in the morning here) I had  missed the webcast by a couple of hours - I'm sure I'll be able to catch it in the archives soon.

 Also, just a quick note that I believe I have made an error in the postal address which I sent you. The area code here is 3084 and not 3073 as I had previously written. Please accept  my apologies and amend your records accordingly.

 (15 October 2001 email)

The following give VALIMVERTI’s recent images on our Web-Site:


05 September 2001

21 September

27 September

08 October

 Maurice VALIMBERTI (Viewbank, Victoria, Australia )

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